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Lea Gracer

Nutrition and Weight Management

 "The right information at the right time with the right support."

Lea Gracer, CWC  Certified Wellness CoachLea's expertise combines technical weight loss know-how with the gentle art of behavioral change. 

Many new clients say:

“Why don’t I have willpower, why am I doing the same thing every time, why am I not stronger?”

"I don’t understand... I eat healthy food, but I’m not getting the health I want."

"Everyone says something different.  How do you figure out what the truth is?"

"I could never be totally 'good' anyway.”

"I cannot stand feeling like this anymore. Please help."


Have a clear understanding about stress management or nutrition or weight loss, healthy habits, and life balance.  Get yourself the support and connection that makes a significant difference.

Real nutrition is easy to understand.  Find out the best approach for you.

Call Lea to arrange for a free 20 minute experience of coaching by phone or in person.  Different levels of engagement give you flexibility and as needed support.

For short term rapid weight loss, she uses protocols from the Center for Medical Weight Loss.  For sustained life style changes, she employs real food, functional approach and hybrid plans.  Utilizing the latest in medical research on metabolism, her clients make huge changes in their health and mental outlook.


For the last 15 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to serve our patients at our medical center.  I started with a simple program out of Australia for medical weight loss. It was very effective for those who were able to follow it.  But, unfortunately, others were not able to reap the rewards due to impulsive eating behaviors. I discovered coaching because I needed to know what I could do to help clients that were not able to follow restrictive dietary guidelines.  I discovered Wellcoaches, a coaching school for those medical professionals. A whole new world of tools for clients emerged and my practice became much more effective.

The coach approach allows the client to be in charge of their process.  The coach is skilled in facilitating the client steadily forward.

For those who do not want coaching but the technical steps to understand how to lose weight effectively, I can offer you safe and sound approaches.

Call me at 928-301-3145 for an initial free consult.

Sessions are available by phone or at the clinic.  

Lea Gracer

Graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz in Biology, College Honors and Honors in Major 1981.

Professional Certified WellCoach