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Energy Healing

Energy Healing Sessions with Les Adler, MD(H)

"Health and disease often begin in our consciousness,
so awareness is the first step in healing."
Dean Ornish, MD

Your body has something to tell you. What is it?

Energy Healing encompasses a wide range of modalities. The common thread: the invisible currents that flow through our body can be detected and affected. We are energy fields at our core. Some people train to perceive them through color, shape, movement, sound, temperature, and radiance. Reading these fields uncovers a personal story to be told.

As a medical doctor since 1972, Dr. Adler wrestled with the nagging question of whether something undetectable by modern science might be contributing to some of his clients' chronic conditions. Could something deeper be uncovered? After coming to Sedona in 1988 he began to study energy healing in depth. The tools of perception he learned have helped many toward self understanding and healing. He has traveled internationally to teach and practice these skills.

Sessions are done fully clothed and in a comfortable setting. Dr. Adler will share with you the information he receives. In his experience and from the feedback from many of his clients, bringing unconscious distorted energy patterns to light creates a space for healing. Although everyone's experiences are different, dramatic results can occur.

Energy Healing Sessions:     30 mins - $85        1 hour- $125

Please specify Energy Healing when inquiring for an appointment or for any other questions.

"Modern medicine, for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively."
Deepak Chopra

"We open the doorway to healing by sensing and releasing mental and emotional disturbances buried deep in the subconscious."
Lester Adler, MD(H)