Sedona Regenerative Medicine
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The Sedona Center for Complementary Medicine as a clinic is now Sedona Regenerative Medicine, offering a unique blend of ancient healing arts combined with modern medicine.  The Center’s team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing the deepest level of healing possible.  Dr. Adler's practice now specializes in energy medicine.  Please go to to learn more.

Forrest Lanchbury, MD has taken our clinic into the future with medical and natural techniques to treat pain and other problems from debilitating diseases.  We have details about his restorative medicine practice at He is board certified in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. His strength lies in years of expertise blending general medicine and functional/integrative medicine.  He also completed board training in obesity medicine.

Sheila Navidi, FNP, was our nurse practitioner also practices integrative medicine, with a focus on women’s health. Patients appreciate her compassion, thoroughness, and dedication.  She is now practicing at the following location: 2115 State Route 89A, Ste 116, Sedona. 928-203-6120 

Ellen Lanchbury, RN, is a talented nurse and chief administrator of the clinic.  She also coaches patients with their dietary and lifestyle changes as recommended by their clinic physician. 

The clinic was started in 1994 by Lester Adler, MD, MDH one of the pioneers in Integrative Medicine in Northern Arizona. He now has over 40 years of practice experience in Integrative/Complementary Medicine, is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrative Physicians. He continues to push the envelope by now specializing in energy medicine. His contact number is 928-301-3145.

Lea Gracer will continue to offer indepth personal and health coaching to those who want to do better for themselves more consistently.  From weight loss to stress management, time with a coach can be a game changer, turning obstacles into success.  She is available at the clinic or by phone.

For more information, please call 928-282-2520 or email us at

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